Highlighter Tape

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Highlighter tape can be very useful to you in many ways.

This wonderful highlighter tape is translucent and allows you to clearly see what you've covered with it. It is easily removable and leaves very little trace, if any, that it has been where you've placed it. It will not cause any damage to the document, musical score or pattern that you have applied it to.

Removable Highlighter Tape can also be written or drawn upon with no damage or obliteration from marking directly upon the document, chart or score.

There are many uses for highlight tape. Attorneys, physicians, and others who work with documents will find it extremely useful for marking documents without damaging them. Students will find that they can get more when selling their used textbooks if they use highlighting tape instead of the more damaging highlighter pens.

Aviation pilots mark their routes on their expensive charts with highlighter tape. After the flight they can remove the highlighter tape without damage to the chart and it's ready to mark (with highlighter tape, of course) for the next flight. Mileage can be marked on the tape to help them pinpoint their location while in flight.

Piano teachers and reading teachers find highlighter tapes to be an outstanding aid in working with their students. Being easily removable it preserves the score or book in the best possible condition for the next lesson or student.

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